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This website is based on many things:
-Role-Play character sheeting

So I figured I would put it all on one space to show that "Shadokotsu" means more than just a name. To find out more just visit the tabs above!

Anthro's Past (Novel)
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Anthro's Past Ch. 1; The War

A wolf stood upon a high hill, looking over the battle below. They were in the home city of Kratosiamo, a home where the wolves resided for thousands of years. Shadokotsu Lucian Claremont, Lord of Kratosia and God of the Wolven race, watched as his fellow wolves defended themselves against the attack of the vampire clans. The wolves and vampire races have been sworn enemies since the dawn of time. Shadokotsu wore a dazzling jet black silk cloak with emerald stitching on the hems and a black and white Kimono underneath, given to him by the emperor of China himself as a gift for warding off the Huns, which required little to no effort on his part, because it isn't everyday where an eight foot three inch towering humanoid wolf comes barreling down a mountain at you with nothing but two katanas, and your bloodthirsty army turns around and runs the other way, leaving you to fight the creature on your own. Shadokotsu spots his victim now, watching him shredding through multiple amounts of his high ranking soldiers. He bares his teeth and snarls, snapping his fingers, causing him to disappear in a cloud of black smoke.